I have been taking 100 mg of doxycycline once a day since last August. It was prescribed for a case of perioral dermatitis so bad that it had creeped up between my eyes before I sought treatment. Not only did it get rid of the dermatitis, it also cleared up my acne to the point that my skin was gorgeous! During my follow up with my dermatologist, I asked if I could continue using it for awhile because of the amazing job it was doing for my skin. Last Monday, May 5th, I called my pharmacy for a refill. Since there were no refills left, they had to contact my dermatologist for authorization. The doctor's office has yet to refill it. The pharmacy has sent two requests. Just a couple of days after taking my last tablet, I began feeling depressed, anxious, jittery, and started hearing little clicking noises in my right ear (like a watch ticking) that would last only a couple of seconds but would happen many times a day. I noticed my breathing became shallow, like I had to remember to take a breath. I could feel body ticks on my mattress before falling asleep. I also had insomnia and loss of appetite and heartburn when I did eat. I felt so fragile emotionally that I considered going to the hospital. I also started having UTI symptoms, such as frequency, burning, and urgency with very little output of urine. I thought that, since Doxy is sometimes prescribed for UTIs, maybe I was getting one from stopping the drug. I have also been running a high fever (over 101° in the evenings), sweats, headache, back pain, and just a general sense of feeling crappy. I spoke to my daughter about it over the weekend because she is a medical assistant. She did a urinalysis for me this morning that didn't show bacteria but did show a little blood. She faxed the results to my family doctor, and I followed up with an email describing my symptoms. I'm not sure how all this fits together. I am very put out with my dermatologist for dropping the ball if, in fact, you can suffer severe withdrawal from Doxy. If it can happen, I fully intend on making them aware of it so that it doesn't happen to any other patient of theirs. Seems to me that this may have happened a long time ago when my pharmacy requested them to fill an Rx for me. Rather than contacting the pharmacy to let them know they wouldn't fill it until I made another appointment, they didn't do anything. I didn't find out what was going on until I called them myself. It's a pretty crappy way to treat a patient. I want all the factual information I need before calling them about what I've gone through the last week or so due to the poor handling of my health. I won't go back there, and I won't take Doxy anymore. Thanks so much for your help!