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5 days since my last Suboxone?

Posted 16 Jan 2011 2 answers

Hi all, It all started for me in 2006 with a diagnosis of endometriosis. I was given vicodin for the cramps. Well one day I took one ...

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Suboxone to Vicodin to Suboxone... How do I switch?

Posted 4 Oct 2010 2 answers

Okay, so I've been on 16mgs of Suboxone for about 10 months now coming from a 4 year OC/Morphine addiction. Everything has been going ...

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How will oxycodone,tylenol 3, vicodin,xanax, and 2mg.of suboxone show up in a urine test?

Posted 1 Jun 2010 2 answers

how will oxycodone, tylenol 3, vicodin, xanax and 2mg. of suboxon show up in a urine test? by the way i am not taking anything except the ...

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Is there a conversion to gauge what suboxone is equal to?

Posted 13 Sep 2011 1 answer

At what amount can I stop? I decided to quit vicodin and opiods again. This is my 4-5th time around and I went to the Dr. to get ...

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I'm on suboxone and I broke my leg. I was prescribed vicodin 10mg and percocet 10mg?

Posted 2 Apr 2010 3 answers

Can I take the vicodin or percocet 3-4hrs after a 4mg suboxone because suboxone does absolutely nothing for the pain.

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What kind of high can one get from occasionally taking suboxone?

Posted 8 Mar 2011 1 answer

is it somewhat or equivilant to taking oxy"s or vicodin or some narcotic?

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Will a vicodin work if I only have a tiny bit of suboxone in my system?

Posted 27 Aug 2010 4 answers

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I have been on suboxone for 5 mnths. I needs to take percocet for a new back injury. What'll happen?

Posted 20 Oct 2009 2 answers

I have been on suboxone for 5 months due to a vicodin addiciton. I had a knee injury. I am about to be discharged and I hurt my back on ...

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Were All Doctors Given Permission to Prescribe Suboxone or Buprenorphine?

Posted 20 Sep 2011 4 answers

I heard a rumor about this, last week. Does anyone know if it's true? I tend to doubt it, although I wish it was true. I personally see no ...

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