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Xarelto - My period is very heavy and has blood clots , is this regular?

I just started taking this last month and my period was 2 weeks long and very very heavy with blood clot too like this... read more

I am taking xarelto for unexplained blood clot in left leg.Have been taking it for 9 months am?

having extreme leg and hip pain some days its so hard to even walk now its bothering my knees is this caused by zarelto? or is it authuritis if so... read more

Xarelto - Can anyone help me out?

I started taking Xarelto 15mg twice a day on 7/23/16 and now on the 20mg once a day as of 8/11/16?for my leg I have several... read more

My period blood is still bright red and this is the 6th day. What could this mean?

I had protected sex July 23 took Plan B then got my period on the 25th it lasted 7 days with blood clots and was light the whole... read more

Is it normal to pass a large blood clot whole on the Depo Provera shot?

My 19 year old daughter received her first Depo Provera shot for birth control two months ago. The first month she didn't have a period.... read more

Nexplanon with blood clots in period?

I got the nexplanon implant 1 month ago and started my period yesterday. Today right before bed I went to the bathroom and I had a big... read more

Why am I having blood clots on the Depo shot?

I’ve been on the Depo shot for a year and a half, I started do to very heavy and painful periods. For about a month now I’ve had horrible... read more

My 18 year old daughter was just discharged from the hospital with 2 blood clots in her lower leg?

She was started on lovenox and Coumadin then switched to xarelto after a couple days of therapy. How long does it take for the clot to... read more

Huge blood clots while on Depo?

I've been on Depo for nearly 2 years and for the past 2 days almost every time I use the restroom and wipe I see a huge almost about an inch of... read more

Is there anyway to get rid of blood clots on period?

I have been taking the depo shot for the pass yr & haven't had any problems till recently.I always seem to start bleeding a couple weeks... read more

Blood Clots and Nexplanon?

I had a pulmonary embolism in June, and Dvts, also a clot in my arm. They believe it was due from birth control. They put me on a... read more

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