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Opiate Withdrawal - I am on 140 mg of methadone daily through a private clinic to help me get off 3?

Posted 8 Nov 2010 5 answers

... years of oxycontin/heroin addiction. i have a psychiatrist, and he is going to prescribe me clonidine, valium,... read more

My 22 year old cousin died of a heroin overdose last week?

Posted 7 Feb 2011 5 answers

I just came back from the funeral this weekend. She was beautiful and smart. Her parents and friends tried to help. They sent her to rehab after she... read more

Opiate Withdrawal - I have had a 15 year heroin addiction that has robbed me of everything good or?

Posted 2 Jan 2011 4 answers

... who loved me in my life and would Love some advice. I have a few df's 60' s and a little methadone and would love any advice on... read more

Can clonidine be purchased in usa without an rx because of no insurance? rx?

Posted 9 Mar 2012 4 answers

Can Clonidine be purchased legally in the usa without an rx online? If not and one has no insurance what is a possible route to obtain this... read more

Is there anything that someone can take to relieve symptoms of opiate withdrawal? In particular the?

Posted 6 Jan 2011 3 answers

... anxiety and "kicking". I've tried the recipe on here..can't remember the name... but it did not help at all, also... read more

Suboxone to methadone ?

Posted 17 Sep 2009 83 answers

i have been suffering from opiate addiction and have been on and off using oxycontin 80mg and heroin for the... read more

Opiate Withdrawal - Does anyone have unexpained pains and symptoms months after quitting oxycontin,?

Posted 11 Mar 2011 4 answers

... ms-contin? I was on Oxycontin (80mg/30tabs/day), MS-contin (60mg/24tabs/day), Diazepam (8mg/4tabs/day), Ativan Sub (2mg/4tabs/day),... read more

I am DONE with Methadone. I left some advice. Who ever WANTS to quit this slavery!?

Posted 22 Jan 2011 8 answers

... My last drink was 4 days ago. Today I slept till 4am then had a hot shower and passed out again. I dont have any mussle spasm and restless... read more

I have low blood pressure, can I use Clonidine?

Posted 24 Jul 2010 1 answer

I have an ICD in my chest and am taking sotalol for my heart. other meds: salsalate, citalopram, simvastatin, gabapentin, budeprion

Do opiates make your pain worse?

Posted 18 Feb 2011 5 answers

I have never told my story and lived off to keep me confident while fighting the opiate physical addiction. I was on... read more

How long do you think I will have withdrawals from opiate addiction?

Posted 25 Nov 2011 3 answers

I took suboxone for a year and tapered off to 2mg about two weeks ago than quit. Wd's set in a couple days later and I wanted to feel good so I... read more

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