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What is the scale of pain killers from least potent to most potent?

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clay81 9 Mar 2012

you can go by the drug class schedule.In my opinion and remember this is just my opinion im goin to list the most common prescribed pain meds from least to greatest in strength starting with tylenol3 and 4 then hydrocodone 2.5mg 5mg 7.5mg and 10mg then oxycodone comes in numerous strengths and different names some have fillers some dont they come in percocet 5mg 7.5mg and 10mg there is roxicodone 15mg 30 mg then oxycontin 10mg 20mg 30mg 40mg 60mg and 80mg some of that may have changed since they changed the formula then there is methadone 5mg 10mg and it used to come in 40mg wafers.and the mort potent of all is fentanyl patches wich comes in several strengths it comes in a sucker form and pill form for breakthrough pain.there are a few I didnt mention like tramadol its non-narcotic but helps some people and morphine and dilaudid.I hope this was helpful

DzooBaby 9 Mar 2012

Tramadol I would put right there with tylenol with codeine and hydrocodone and morphine and hydromorphone (Dilaudid) along with Opana or oxymorphone and Demerol or meperidine are right there on the same level as Oxycodone/oxycontin. Percocet combines oxycodone with acetaminophen and roxicodone is just oxycodone immediate release by itself and oxycontin is oxycodone in a slow release or extended release formulation. There is no difference in the strength of long acting and short acting drugs, mg to mg the long acting are just that, long acting. You did a good job on putting them in order. There is of course, personal preference and you will find people who believe that hydrocodone works better than oxycodone but truly, oxycodone is considered the stronger drug with a higher abuse potential. Meperidine is no good for chronic pain as it has a tendency to build up and become toxic with long term use. Good job Clay81! There are a few others in the pain relieving arsenal but these are the most common.

Inactive 10 Mar 2012

Oops! Tramadol IS narcotic or opiate like when it enters & mixes with your body chemistry, & is very addictive & can cause seizures if you stop it suddenly because of the snri qualities to it. Just to add to your list, clay. ... Mary

Inactive 10 Mar 2012

Dzoo, right on again!! Some people prefer one pain med over the other, so it really isn't what is stronger, it's what works best for you. FI, I could take a bottle of dilauded ( I wouldn't ), and it wouldn't affect me at all. My hubby has to take hydrocodone, and oxycodone doesn't affect him at all. It really depends on the person, and their genetic make up.

Did I see methadone on the list? I have no idea where that falls, though i know that it is fairly potent.

Inactive 10 Mar 2012

Yes, clay mentioned methadone, but I don't reccomend it at all.. Just personal experience. Has to be taken no matter what at certain doses that seem to just go higher & higher til you can't function... Mary free discount card

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