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Saphris - what do you do if the tablet is accidentally swallowed?


Inactive 10 Sep 2010

My thirty two son is a person with Autism. Several years ago he began
having episodes of extreme agitation, slapping me, tearing down drapes,
clothing and so forth. Problems too numerous to delve into.

His doctor put him on Saphris about three months ago. Gabe would not
let the medication melt on his tongue, I didn't know what to do. When I
called the nurse, I was told to put the Saphris into a small cup, and add
just a little liquid (at room temp, not cold) it will dissolve instantly, I then let
him drink it down. It works great!!! The Nurse told me he might lose a
small amount of the effects, but in general he gets enough to really help
his symptoms. So if you accidently swallow a pill, do consider it a

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Marvell 9 Sep 2010

I realize this answer is a bit delayed ... you need to treat it as a missed dose. As far as I know if you have swallowed the tablet, you shouldn't take another one. Just take your next dose as directed.

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