Specifically I am looking for an answer as to why my prescribed pain medications (hydrocodone) only last 2-3 hours (prescribed 1 evry 6hrs).
I have woken up during surgery 3 times. Once as a child having my tonsils removed (I remember it still today) and a 2nd time during oral surgery (iv sedation-was told to never come back-I recall everything said/done when I woke up).
The 3rd time, I forwarned the oral surgeon and once again I woke up during surgery.
Not only do I wake up, but I am fully coherent and aware of what is going on (I dont wake up confused)
I told the oral surgeon, upon waking up during surgery, that if "I was going to be awake for half of my surgery then I wanted half my money back" LOL
When I went in the next day for a check up, he was completely astonished when he asked me if I recalled anything about my surgery and said to him "Yes, I woke up and I told you if I am going to be awake for half my surgery then I want half my money back".
He then said with large round eyes "We had to give you a lot of medication".
Well, I told you so...
So is this why pain medications arent very effective, nor last very long for me?