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Ran out of Xanax. Can I replace it with Klonopin?

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Beth holman 11 March 2020

I’ve been on Xanax for more then 17 years .1mg can I replace with klonopin.5mg if I run out

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masso 11 March 2020


masso 12 March 2020

So you do not experience withdrawals I suggest you take 1 mg of klonopin.

I have been on both benzodiazepines, xanax is a bit stronger, although it is short acting not as klonopin which is long acting, meaning the effect of Klonopin lasts longer.

Rathmullan 14 Jan 2019

Hello mdbog:

As a temporary measure, until you are able to get your Xanax prescription refilled, then yes. The drugs have similar effects. Klonopin generally takes longer to reach its maximum effect but it sedative effect lasts longer. So you will not want to take them as frequently as the Xanax. Both these drugs are really intended for short to moderate term therapy.

All the best and take care for now.

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Beth holman 11 March 2020


coralreef77 14 Jan 2019

You’ll know, you don’t say mgs of either or how long it will be before you get more Xanax. If you have anxiety after a day or two you won’t be asking, you’ll be seeking relief from it.
Because I need my medicine for anxiety I usually don’t let myself run out cause it’s mental termoil. Yes. Good luck

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