After asking the question does gabapentin cause constipation I saw that I was not the only one with that question and I saw that it was causing constipation with other people as well I've never had an issue with going to the bathroom after discussing it with my doctor he put me on Linzess and let me tell you it is smooth sailing after this I do it once a week but I'm finding out that I may need to do it twice a week There's no stomach pain with it I don't feel like I'm in labor so for anyone else out there that is having this issue ask your doctor about this medication it's 290 mcg capsule my new found best friend I take gabapentin for my fibromyalgia also have neuropathy in my foot and to top it off it's not even doing the trick for me so I will be leaving it alone we will have to come up with another solution but I hope this can help anyone else that is questionable about gabapentin and what can they use I know there's plenty laxative over the counter but I so hate to take laxatives and deal with the contractions in my stomach from taking it.