I was told by the dentist's office to take acetaminophen (Tylenol) with naproxen (Aleve) to relieve the pain of a bad toothache that I'm having looked at tomorrow. I took 1 dosage (2)-(500 mg) acetaminophen & then after eating took 1 dosage (1)-(520 mg) naproxen. The acetaminophen worked pretty quickly at first due to the quick-release mechanism but started to fade and now my pain is coming back even more. The naproxen dosage guide says not to exceed the dosage of 1 pill every 12 hours, but also says that 2 tablets can be taken in the 1st dosage/within the first hour. It has been about 3 hours since I took the last naproxen, can I take a second? I don't know if it would be a bad idea to take another because it is too late maybe & because I've also taken the acetaminophen. I don't like the idea of taking a second naproxen but I need more relief to get some sleep.