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I have a prescription of Methocarbamol 500mg that expiredin 2012. Is it okay to still take it?

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DKnapp 2 Oct 2019

Again -the question remains without an answer.No one wants to be responsible for problems resulting in bad advice.I have the same question.I guess no one KNOWS and we probably need to call several pharmacists and see if you can get the question answered there.Just remember its about the $ and not about getting accurate helpful information.( I used to have a P.D.R.(Physicians Desk Reference) that gives EVERY answer you can ask about specific drugs and manufacturers.

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mccall1957 9 July 2019

Same question

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Mlevo1011 25 July 2014

Technically no, you should never take expired medication wether it's a month or a year past due. But would it kill you, probably not.

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HeadStarter 6 Feb 2014

Here are some concerns: A) Where was the medication kept? Temperature and humidity can destroy the efficacy of medications. B) Taking drugs without a current diagnosis and current script can set you up for failing a drug test and you shouldn't have any of these left. C) To keep your home safe, it is best to properly dispose of expired medications such as this. D) One may not be enough anymore but two could throw you for a loop.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Think before you take something that has expired. Depending on how it was stored it might not work as it did before. There might be better alternatives for you now so seeing a doctor again can insure you are being treated appropriately.


I don't believe in self-medicating because if something happened to you, how would it be explained? Who would know what you took? Then there is the question of why are you taking something like that without a current script or diagnosis? Perhaps it is a money issue and you don't want to see a doctor again. Maybe you are trying to save money on scripts. Still if you are having symptoms again don't you think you should get checked out again?

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chuck1957 6 Feb 2014

Arleen Methocarbamol does not die right at the date the companys have to make sure that it is 100% if the dea came in and tested it or any drug but just what this one is made of the only thing that would happen is it well not work.But any stomach upset stop and get fresh ones from your doctor,we dispenced these for many years when they did not even have expire dates on them. many years ago I would say they ares safe but in a pinch you really should get some fresh ones if your having problems again just so the doctor know if no other reason Chuck1957 medically retired pharmacy technician Cpht.

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