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Prescription says 1 to 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours . 30 count. How long should they last?


Stephen Treloar 6 July 2016

At that rate, around 7 days would be a fantastic result; ~5 days is a more likely estimate.

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ricaneagle 6 July 2016

Just ha surgery yesterday. And in a great deal of pain. And have another script for 60 count percocet.

Stephen Treloar 6 July 2016

Iff you've just had surgery, I'm glad that you had a script for more. I can't imagine surgery without pain relief. Having a hip done was agony but it had been broken for almost 3 years.

Just be careful as opiates WILL show their addictive properties after 3 - 5 days; at 3 weeks if you have to stop them then, you will hopefully feel like you just have severe flue for 4-5 days and then you wake up one morning feeling almost reborn, certainly delivered (that is not wishing it upon you I have to say). A common complaint is people complaining about the addictive nature of some medications and that the Doctor didn't warn them. (always read the product insert or google: product insert drug name or just look up your meds here.

My pain doctor weaned me off opiods using Butrans patches 2x 20microgram/Hr then 2 x 10 miicrogm/Hr and finally 2 x 5 microgram/Hr patches. 6 scheduled weeks that I do in 3

ricaneagle 6 July 2016

2010 had shoulder surgery. Last year in September had surgery on my same should again. Now ACL Meniscus and ligaments. Right knee . I do pretty good coming of my meds. And it was always percocet.and I am a recovering Alcoholic 35 days after drinking every day for 16 years. But I am doing pretty good handling everything. .

Stephen Treloar 6 July 2016

Good for you with the alcohol; I quit July 23 2013 after 28 years of daily drinking. free discount card

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