I missed 4 pills in the beginning of the pack. (#1-4) I'm on 28-day Ortho cyclen. I took two the next day so that left me with 3 missed pills. & the day after I took two. So I'm left w/ 2 missed pills. Then I just started taking my pills at the original time. Leaving the 2 missed pills alone. Well 2 days later, I had unprotected sex. Therefore, I only took only 4 pills in all before sex. Soon as I found out he came in me, (when I told him not to) I took one of the missed pills and took the one I was suppose to take that day around the usual time. So I've tooken only 6 pills. I have not spotted at all so is there by any chance I dodged the bullet? I know I can get pregnant Bc I missed so many pills, I just wanna know is there any percentage that I DIDNT Get Pregnant??? PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! Bc I Do NOT Want a Child Right Now!!!