I was on pregabalin 75mg twice a day for roughly 3 and a half months for severe anxiety. The pregabalin didn't really help me and the side effects actually caused anxiety. I just stopped taking the pregabalin. I have been off the pregabalin for nearly 2 weeks now. I'm not sure if I am getting withdrawal effects or if it is something else all together. The first few days when I stopped the pregabalin I was getting extremely dizzy and lightheaded. But that isn't quite as bad as what it was. Although I am still getting it but it's just not as bad. But now I keep feeling like I get all this pressure building up in my head. It feels like my head it going to explode. I also feel shaky and I am twitching. Especially my hands and feet twitch. My vision feels strange as well. I feel really anxious and depressed as well and extremely agitated. I also feel as If I am getting mood swings and I just feel all round confused. My body and head all feels really tight as well. Like a really tense feeling. I feel like I'm twitching. I just feel like I can't relax and I am worried almost 24/7. I don't know if this is withdrawal or something else?