Have been prescribed this for cervical myelopathy with radiculopathy! (trapped nerved in neck at c6 with screaming pain in shoulder and loss of sensation / reflexes in arm lower arm and thumb and two fingers. However, unbeknown to my doctor (as the work of trauma specialists does not seem to have filtered down to GP level in uk) I have been advised that I have 'toxic stress' following severe childhood trauma ie my 'flight / fight' adrenalin and cortisol button are in the 'ON' position as the default setting. I have always suffered from insomnia but Drs won't prescribe sleeping meds as they're addictive. My dr is only concerned about the physical pain in my shoulder and the nerve damage but when I took one pregabalin (25mg) the feeling of being so 'spaced' , my legs were buckling underneath me, my heart was beating out of my chest and I just felt I was out of control and felt like I was just grinning and drooling like the village idiot and the feelings of loss of control scared the crap out of me! So... I'm about to take another one as this nerve pain is unbearable but I'm scared that because of this adrenalin cortisol cocktail whooshing round my body (as it apparently has been for 50 years years) I'm frightened that I will lose control and won't be able to put on the 'I'm ok' front that has got me through the last 50 years! Or... From what I've read it may help control that uber anxiety but scared I won't get back to full time meaningful employment again... Just scared! Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Anyone been prescribed it to help deal with childhood trauma? If anyone is familiar with ACE scored I'm a ten so outlook may not be so good for me I don't know? Feeling terrified of the loss of control sensations! Thanks