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Is Lyrica (pregabalin) a narcotic pain medicine?

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Lauratony 57 17 Dec 2018

No it’s not

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Rodney an Rose 5 Sep 2016

Would like to no if lyrica is a. narcotc

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elmricmg 2 Sep 2009

Actually it is not but i am curious as to the effects of this medicine as it resembles a medication i took for pain that was non narcotic but was wonderfull called nurontin (Gabapentin) many people do not realise that you can actually feel euphoric similiar to narcotics from these medications. Are you on this medicine? is it expensive? and does it feel like a narcotic? just curious. my gabapentin is very expensive even for generic

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itsmetoo2 2 Sep 2009

Where do you buy gabapentin? Must be a private pharmacy. Many of the large pharmacy has it for rather a great price. I am on it and I have checked Costco, Target, Walmart etc. This is what I pay: I found these prices on the internet, as most companies are posting them on the net so we can price compare.

Generic Alternative $7.41 $8.62 $11.95

Generic Alternative $6.20 $7.81 $11.55

Generic Alternative $9.23 $11.95 $18.72

Generic Alternative $17.00 $23.86 $40.12

Generic Alternative $17.20 $24.27 $40.72

Just shop around. Best Wishes

elmricmg 4 Sep 2009

I was paying $240 for 90 800mg genarics at cvs and the problem was i didnt shop around. there is a community pharmacy here in mesa that specializes in pain management i get my MS Contin and Norco here so i checked for the gabapentin yesterday and i got my 90 800's for $51!! Rediculous. so my advice would be to try and find a community pharmacy that helps ppl without insurance. i think most places have these.

elmricmg 4 Sep 2009

oh i see i missunderstood your post. ya i guess they can be found for way less than i was paying. wish i would have checked sooner i went over a month without them and was a wreck. they are a miracle for me. I've found articles that say it's being used for social phobia-which i have, chronic pain-again i have, and addiction treatment-yes i've had pst problems with that too. but i've been on this med for over 3 years and it's totally changed my life. i still need narcotics for pain as my spine is really screwed up. but all the social issues and addiction, low self esteem, depression. all gone when i take this medication. so for anyone reading this considering it. i say throw out everything in your cabinet for whatever your problems are and take gabapentin lol.

ChrisMUK 13 April 2010

I found this site after my GP told me to look at the effects of a new mdication and I have to say you lot need to get real health care, I am in the UK and disabled, I have a serious spinal injury and I have been on numerous medications and as was injured at work I get free health care including free medication, I looked at your site andsaw the cost of the medications over there, let Obarma get that bill through and then you will havea service that is up to date with your needs and yes you get taxed to cover the costs but you know the care is there when you need it.


I am due in to see my doctor again on friday and that's the third time this week as he is trying to adjust my medication to allow me to improve my standard of life, we in the UK moan about the NHS sometimes but it is here and you don't have to look online for the cost of medication to see what you can afford, I can even get the little blue pills given free on prescription but only 4 a month!!! good luck you lot in America from the UK we hope you stop worrying about the Rich actually having to help for the care of others and you will be a really up to date and proper civilized soceity.
Chris Monks Bristol UK

gracie5891 24 June 2010

Does anyone know if this will show up in a hair follicle test? i have to take a test for DSS to get my son back from my grandma. Also, does anyone know if Suboxone will show up? I am so scared, if you know please help!

Tantalizing 15 Aug 2010

I use neurontin (gabapentin) it is prescribed to me monthly. I have to say I do not feel euphoric when using it, like you I receiv the generic.

tammy 1963 13 Dec 2011

i just started taking lyrica yesterday. i found ou from cvs pharmacy that it is a controlled substance. had to show my id to get it. i took nourontin,but it made me mean. lyrica mellows me out,and helps my pain. i have tricare. so it cost me 25 dollars for a month. nourontin was only 5 bucks. i like lyrica better. the nourontin without insurance is around 4 hundred bucks for 800 mill 3x a day. when i find the paperwork ill tell u how much the lyrica cost.

ChrisMUK 13 Dec 2011

That is even more weird as I am on Gabapentin as well! I have a spinal cord injury which leaves me in constant pain with spasms, the Gabapentin seems to help with the spasms and I have been on them for 7 years, the other med was to try and help me control excessive perspiration, and I have to say it didn't work, as for the cost I have to say I get it free as I am in the UK so wonder what would happen if I was there as I take 2 x 600mg 4 times a day!

nohope74 9 Oct 2013

i can understand when u shop around for cheaper pharmacies. i get 120 of percocet 10/325 i called around to pricce check,cvs wanted $184,walgreens $195, called walmart and was $$104 still ezpensive but cheaper,when i had insurance it was only $10..ugh.this month i checked a family owned and operated pharmacy and it was $72.50 theere

Lorax 25 March 2017

Neurontin aka gabapentin is prescription only isnt it??

mlcplummer6 20 Jan 2018

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to chime in on the Gabapentin. If you have health insurance you should be amble to get 3 month supplies. I have Humana and if you get a 3 month script the price for me as a copay is $0. If you don’t have insurance go to Good Rx. free discount card

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