I was on Prednisone for almost three weeks for severe asthma issues. My pulmonologist prescribed first round, then I went to ER in the middle of the night because I couldn't breathe and ER doctor prescribed another round, then doctor was out of town so nurse recommended I stay on it until I could see doctor. Meantime, I was having miserable side effects: tense, angry, weepy, paranoid... until 10 days ago, when I quit my job suddenly and burned a lot of bridges with an angry letter to the board. I think that maybe the Prednisone exacerbated my diagnosed chronic depression? I looked up drug interactions for Effexor and Celexa (my depression meds) and Accolate, Singular and Albuterol (asthma meds) but nothing conclusive jumped out. Would love a reply from a medical professional or someone else who has had similar reactions to Prednisone. Thanks!