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Prednisone - Can predizone help a tooth ache?


kaismama 27 July 2014

NO. If there is any infection it will make it worse. What you need is motrin or aleve. Then you need to see a dentist.

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Summerfun1 21 Sep 2014

my internist has prescribed prednisone for toothache with great success. The swelling can Crete a dam around the tooth that prevents medication from getting in.

robertdeming 11 Sep 2016

Wrong or incomplete answer from Kaismama.

Yes it will work for inflammation tooth pain.

Usually not more than 5mg is required 2 or 3 times each day. Take with just a little food. And read the manufacturers website.

But don't extend the limit beyond what it takes to get to see a dentist. And also if you can't see
a dentist soon you might consider an antibiotic. And tell the dentist you have been taking the drug for the pain.

Read specific sights and talk to dentists before you listen to what is said here or elsewhere on
the internet. This site doesn't provide much information about drugs!

robertdeming 11 Sep 2016

And don't give to much to the FDA BS. Most countries do not require a prescription for many drugs but of course the FDA in the EEUU (usa) are controlled by the drug companies and doctors and they need you to see them so they can make money! That is all this is about... money!

Countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia etc to no require many prescriptions. And if they know the patient well they will prescribe meds.

USA is horrible. They require prescriptions for profit. free discount card

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