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How can I relieve tooth ache pain until I get to a dentist?


MeggieGirl 21 Nov 2016

There are over the counter numbing medicines you can buy for tooth pain. I had a horrible night once where I had an abscess apparently and the last of the nerve was dying (I've never been in so much pain.) I was all over the Internet looking for ideas, so do a search, and you'll see a ton of stuff. The one I couldn't believe actually worked was pouring soy sauce over the tooth. I'm not even joking. Unfortunately, I was in such a bad state, I had to do it every ten minutes, but it was the ONLY thing that worked. Good luck!

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jpratt233 16 Oct 2018

I had unbearable tooth ache when I found this home remedies page I tried many of the remedies with little comfort getting up every hour trying the next remedy. I tried garlic, mouthwash, brushing my teeth, cloves, cayenne, and salt water. with little to temporary relief. In the past i would take 4 cloves of garlic and it always worked by the time morning came i had eaten 5 cloves of garlic and the pain was still there . So i just blended up 4 more cloves of garlic with carrot juice and within ten minutes the pain was completely gone. I have come up with a sure fire way to stop any tooth ache guaranteed.
Take 1 clove of garlic for every 20 lbs you weigh (For example if you weigh 160 lbs take 8 cloves).

blend the garlic with carrot juice and drink right after you blend it for best results. the carrot juice helps with the heat of the garlic.

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