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Does prednisone make you gain weight?

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diannewc1 15 May 2014

Yes it does,but i only gained a few lbs.ive been taking it for 3 months.

suzanne66 19 May 2014

If your dose of prednisone is low and for a short period of time it is unlikely you will experience any weight gain
Side effects of prednisone are more likely if your dose is high or your treatment is long-term.
Weight gain is a known side effect of prednisone.
Not everyone will gain the same amount of weight while on prednisone but most will have some degree of weight gain.
Prednisone affects your metabolism and how your body deposits fat. This can increase your appetite, leading to weight gain, and in particular lead to extra deposits of fat in your abdomen.
In addition this is complicated by being less physically active because of pain and other consequences of chronic inflammatory disease.

Rwpfinance 5 Sep 2016

Suzanne66, thank you for the info. The reason I arrived here is I am a 54 yo male who 12 years ago was 5'10" and 185lbs. I was diagnosed with heritatary hemochromatosis. I won't bore anyone with what can happen when you have stored iron since birth. My weight dropped to an all time low of 119lbs. I have tried everything to gain the weight back including eating until I'm sick and "T" shots in the hip. Someone very close to me suggested prednisone and I don't mind trying unless it's just another waste of time. The dosage I have available is 20mg twice a day. Any help is appreciated.

endlessPred 21 May 2014

Some people feel an increased appetite so they eat more. Try an apple instead of a bag of chips. Weight gain, except for some water weight which will go away, will be due to eating too much. Just as it normally does. Keep track of your diet and you will be fine. Long term use does have problems but little trouble with short term use. It does cause type II diabetes at high levels for long time use. Consult your doctor and see what is recommended with your conditions believe me, they don't want you gaining weight. And off the prednisone as soon as possible. If possible.

Schweiger 28 May 2015

I just wanted to add a comment. I have polymyositis and fibromyalgia. I take prednisone also and will for the rest of my life. I did gain about 20-25 pounds the first year. Then I went on a mission to lose it as I have never been fat. What I discovered about this drug is that the drug itself does nit cause weight gain. It causes cravings for carbs! I started drinking V-Core protein shakes for breakfast and lunch. I cut out most of the sugar and carbs. Took me about 2 months to lose it. Since then which has been a year I have been able to eat most anything I want in moderation. I weigh exactly what I have always weighed all my life with no fluctuations. The 2 months of actual "dieting" were hard at first till my body adjusted to the liss of most bad carbs. People dont believe that I take it daily. I am 60 yr old 5'6" and

Payette1137 27 Aug 2015

I've never been fat. I am now. I'm taking 5 pills of prednisone, sometimes 6 daily for over a year. I've gained 40 lbs. I have hives so badly that the prednisone doesn't work so I have to go to Urgent Care or the Hosp for a shot. I just started seeing an Allergist. Extensive tests all come back negative. He wants to put me in a study I'm at the end of my rope with this.

IamauntyPB 11 Mar 2016

Oh yes, I have been on prednisone on and off for about 4 months. I am embarrassed to say I have gained 15lbs. My face looks like a blowfish. Last June I had neck surgery. With my now 3 chins I don't have a neck. All you see is a blob of skin. I have tried to go without the medication. But I am able to do so much more when taking it. I have a lung disease and am only 48 yrs old. I live on oxygen and my O2 sats have been really low. I was in a bad car accident(fell 30 feet of an embankment flipping my car) with the accident, the lungs are worse. I bruised a lung badly. I suffer with chronic back and neck pain now. I'm going out of town soon to see a specialist and possibly discuss a lung biopsy. It sucks to be in pain and ill on a daily basis.

Vickie50vm 27 May 2017

I'm sure your happy to be alive. Some things are more important than looks or your 3 chins... falling down a embankment 30' it s a miracle your alive... anyone that looks as you as anything but a miracle shouldnt be friends with you. I'm in pain always, and some people make it worse by their ignorant comments... well the day they can walk in my shoes I'll applaud them... but until then they should jump in a lake... you are very lucky and I'm sure very beautiful

Shegee 23 Mar 2017

Some people temporarily gain weight, but it will go away. It raises your cortisol and insulin and makes your body hold estrogen. If you eat fiber rich foods like ground flax seeds, Jerusalem Artichokes and lower carb intake it will prevent a lot of gain. Eliminate soy and dairy, two of the biggest estrogen keepers. Take Alpha lipoic acid and conjugated linoleic acid too. Also, walking 30 mins a day keeps estrogen levels in check. If you take it around 2am I heard cortisol will be in check too, but I don't know if it's true. I lost three lbs. on 13 days tapered from 60.

Kurt Wetzel 19 Apr 2017

I started on 60 mg of Prednisone Feb 3,2017 and being tapered off. Last dose May 3,2017.
Side effects
At first for 3 days a messed up sleep schedule. Had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. That quickly changed and I was able to sleep. No big deal.
I got the puffy face as well. Was a lot puffier when on a higher dose. Went down but still puffy. Normally my face is not like that.

ablueyedsissy 28 Apr 2017

So... you WANT to gain weight ?! Prednisone is your man. I have been on small dose 2 &1/2 years n packed on 35lbs 1st year. While I was eating a full meal all I could think of was what I was going to eat next. Off it now n losing but really have to work at it.

DrDonovan 3 hours 18 minutes ago

Prednisone is well known to cause weight gain among other potential side effects. It causes many to crave sweets. Some degree of weight gain may also come from fluid retention. Monitoring one's weight is important while using prednisone.

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