I've been hit with a random bout of hives/urticaria for reasons unknown. Went on a 5 day course of prednisone which knocked it back significantly but the skin reactions were still present afterwards. Currently on Blexten but again, skin will still flare up if scratched or has too much contact with anything. Doctors want to put me back on prednisone but starting at a higher dose and tapering: 50mg for 5 days, reduce to 40mg for 5 days, reduce to 30mg for 5 days, and so on. All in all it will be about 4 weeks total. I had minimal reactions when I was on before for 5 days - just more excited than usual. But I'm terrified reading about the weight gain/swelling/moon face -- not sure if that comes with long term use or if a month on this stuff is going really affect my body. I'm currently healthy and fit, work out often and eat pretty well but I feel like none of that will matter with prednisone :(