I had experienced numbness in feet and skin on both legs 2 weeks following a multi-level lumbar fusion. The back of the legs are sensitive to touch and painful. I was given Gabipentin which made me into an idiot and then Lyrica which is effective but causes instability and memory loss. I just had an EMG/ NCS and the Physiatrist told me last week that I have irreversible peripheral neuropathy. I did read an article that indicated that peripheral neuropathy after surgery can be the result of immune system attack on the nerves. I am wondering if anyone treats with a Rheumatologist who would treat immune system diseases? Or do you see a Neurologist for the condition? I see a competent Orthopedic surgeon but don't see him having any expertise on the condition. In fact he told me he thought the condition would have gone away by now. I have been able to drop my Lyrica dose to 225g per day for the leg pain but the feet stay the same with numbness and burning pain. Any info on post surgical neuropathy and its treatment would be appreciated.