I am new to this group, joined because I have been suffering from the above condition since September 2020. It started after my shingles rash cleared up, then the intense relentless pain started, day after day... unbearable pain, like electric shocks, burning, and pounding under my rib cage against the inside of my ribs. Like members that have previously posted on here, nothing seemed to help them. Different medications tried, the doctors seemed fed up with my husband keep ringing up as he just didn't know what to do with me. The only relief was from ice packs, which was a constant ongoing thing. I could not bear clothes to touch the right hand side of my upper body (waist upwards), so just a loose vest and baggy pants. I was eventually put on to gabapentin starting low dose gradually up to 1800mg a day over 3 doses 600mg each day. This did gradually start to get the pain under control eventually, after about 2 months. The main relief for me, which has helped so much over the last couple or more months is a product called "DEEP FREEZE" pain relief ice cold gel. Initially I was applying it to the affected area maybe 4 or 5 times a day and at night... gradually I was able to reduce it to a couple of times a day, and at bedtime, and not always then after a few weeks. With the medication slowly taking effect as well... things have been so much better. The condition is still there, and at times very uncomfortable. I can now wear normal clothes, jeans etc but still resort to comfy fitting ones indoors. I have to ring my doctors in January to give an update on how things are going. The questions that I want to ask your members are:
A) does this condition ever clear up completely?
B) If the gabapentin is reduced (gradually) will the condition come back?
I make sure I moisturize the affected areas a couple of times a day to keep the skin supple... and the ice gel as mentioned above. I thought some of your members would be able to answer the questions for me, being sufferers of the PHN. Thank you for welcoming me to your group.