I have been unable to sleep for the past 5 days... I have a long history of chronic insomnia, which runs in the family.

In the recent months I've gone from sleeping 2-4 hrs a night, to sleeping around 4 hrs every other night, then sleeping 6 hrs or so after being up for 3,4 days and eventually crashing, and now it's third time or so where I'm still awake on the 5th day.

Although I'm not sleepy, I have chest pain, fever, muscle weakness, have lost 40 lbs+ in recent weeks, my legs feel like their burning (have Raynaud's but worse than usual), feel like my body seizes up for a few seconds every now and then, feel depressed, have minor hallucinations (see things moving when their not), etc. As mentioned in another question I asked previously, I think I have SFI.

But, as far as this question goes, when would/should you be concerned about organ failure, major seizures, etc? If I went to the hospital, what would they do other than monitoring me?

Thanks for your help