We were prepared enough to have sex and we bought Trojan condoms and vcf films to help us prevent from me getting pregnant. I had inserted a VCF film for the first time and failed I tried 2 more times to the point where I was able to actually insert it in my vagina without it coming back on my fingers I just didn't think it was far in enough waited 10 minutes than began he kept adjusting the condom making sure it still had the half in inch where it wouldn't break and for it catch pre cum. As we started going we noticed all this white stuff that was from the VCF film so we stopped and he removed the condom wrapped it and threw it away after he took it off he started pre cumming a lot and it dripped ... So than I again tried to put in another VCF film this time it actually inserted well again but still not sure if it was far in enough so I stuck my finger again and pushed the film as far as my middle finger was able to go and we let it dissolve this time for 20 minutes . I got him hard again so he would be able to put on a fresh new condom and than we went at again still taking pre caution of the condom but towards the end it broke and he immediently pulled out this time his penis was dry and we saw no pre cum ... I didn't insert another film at this point because he had than just put another condom and went at it again since we were within the hour frame from that film which at the the third time he was able to ejaculate he knew he was so immiediently pulled out and took of the condom and gave himself a hand job to finish the job and cum ... today I have probably (hopefully ) successfully put 3 films in ... Should I take pre caution of the broken condom ? Just a little worried and trying to prevent pregnancy as much as we could today . What are the chances and should I take plan b to make it certain not to get pregnant?