I usually have regular periods, I would get them every month. Although, I do notice that I would miss at least one or two months a year. Anyway, the last time I had my period was on September 26th which lasted for 6 days. After my period, I have had protected sex 2 times: October 4th and 8th. During both times, the condom did not break. My boyfriend and I would check to make sure that the condom has not broken by pouring water into it to see if water would seep out through any possible holes. Moving on, after having sex early in the month, I would notice that I missed my period when the month comes to an end. Though I missed it, I still continued to have protected sex before October ended. November comes and I still don't have my period. The last time I had protected sex was just recently, November 5th. Unfortunately, the condom broke this time around but no ejaculation occurred. I immediately rushed to the restroom, peed, and washed myself off with soap as if it would help. Afterwards, I rushed to get the plan B one-step pill and took it within 40 minutes after having sex. I knew that taking the pill sooner would be better -- it would be more effective. It is currently November 8th and I still have not gotten my period and I am concerned. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

FYI: I am not on birth control. My only contraception is condoms.