Yesterday my boyfriend and I had sex and we came to the horrible surprise that the condom broke and he did come inside me! since I it all dropped in the toilet right after I peed. I bought a Plan B one step and took it about 40 to 45 min right after the accident. I’m super anxious because my tracking app says im in my fertility window and 2 days before ovulation. However, right after my period had ended I noticed very thick mucus/discharge And I wonder If it was ovulation, even though it’s not supposed to be that early. I’m almost to the point of a mental breakdown, I am seriously terrified of pregnancy. And the fact that it says Plan B is not effective on pre-ovulation days, during ovulation and/or after ovulation days makes me not relax. Please help! I really don’t know what else to do. And my period is supposed to start within 15dayss!!