About 3 days ago me and my bf had protected sex and he even pulled out before he came. However, we noticed a tiny hole at the tip of the condom and I took the Plan B just in case. I know that pre-cum sometimes carried sperm but he masturbated the night before and urinated a lot before we had sex that morning, meaning any remaining sperm was washed out right? Anyways, I have irregular periods so I never know when my period is going to come or when I'm ovulating. My last period was 2 weeks late and this period is about to be 3 weeks late. I know for sure I wasn't pregnant before this incident 3 days ago but now I'm afraid of having gotten pregnant. I've been having cramps ever since I took Plan B and today I had a bit of spotting when I wiped. I'm also stressing a lot which might throw off my period too? Along with Plan B maybe? Someone please just let me know the chances of being pregnant. We used a condom, it had a hole, he pulled out before he came, I took Plan B about an hour later, spotting on the 3rd day, cramps ever since Plan B was taken. And he urinated a lot which washed out any remaining sperm from masturbating the night before.