Here's my scenario. My girlfriend and I were having protected sex near the middle of her cycle, February 27th to be exact, and the condom ripped. I did not cum but was concerned that she was ovulating that day and that there potentially may have been pre-cum. So we bought an emergency contraceptive and she took it within an hour of said incident. She had her period on schedule, maybe a day early on March 16th, although it was rather light. It lasted 4 days or so. Since then, we have had sex a few times, all protected, never had a rip or anything. We haven't had sex since March 27th. She mentioned she had brown discharge that she had never had before this past weekend (April 4th) and lasted a few days but was nothing major. She is due for her next period on a April 9 but is concerned given she hasn't had any signs of her next period. She is not on birth control but plans on getting on it soon. I guess my question is... Will plan B make her second period abnormal? Is there any cause for concern with the brown discharge or is it just old blood? It went away. Will she possibly be late on this period or is there potential she could be pregnant? I just am wondering if we should be worried. We are both young and by no means old enough to raise a child. What should we do?