I had sex on the last day of my period/placebo week and the condom broke. The guy completely came inside of me. I have been on birth control for three years now and know that I should be covered during my placebo week, but I was nervous and decided to take plan b just to be safe two days later. I also started my next pack of birth control the next day. After taking the plan b pill I felt the normal side effects I have read should happen. But I also have had a lot of clear discharge even more than a week after taking plan b and have been having nausea. I'm guessing I am feeling sick because the plan b wants me to start my period (since I always get clear discharge before I start my period) but since I am on birth control it is delaying my period til my next placebo week. I'm not sure if this is correct though or if I'm just feeling sick from making myself worried. And I'm not sure if this discharge is a normal side effect. Just looking for a second opinion. Thanks in advance!