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Phentermine - Has anyone experienced headaches while taking this medicine?


Inactive 24 Jan 2012

Hello jennybjones. I couldn't find anything to say, yes, Phentermine causes headaches or migraines. I've followed this drug for some time now and people rarely report about headaches. I'd wait a bit and if they continues, don't ease up, I suggest mention it to your doctor. Get her/his thoughts to your question. Good wishes and health to you,pledge

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decatur1995 7 Feb 2012

yes i took phentermine for a month and i noticed that i got headaches when i didn't eat enough and also when i didn't drink enough water too. remember that this is a appetite suppresant so you are not going to feel hungry but your body is going to show signs in order to tell u that ur body needs water and food and that is when i noticed that i got headaches. so try to drink lots of water and consume your 1000 to 1500 calories a day.

Inactive 7 Feb 2012

Thanks for the update and information. Appreciated,pledge free discount card

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