One user stated "Pretty good. I take Percocet 10-325 x 2, 3 times a day and it works the best out of everything I've tried.". I am wondering if I red it correctly or was it written wrong? 2 Percocet 10/325 three times a day. That's 6 pills a day. Is that safe? I am on Vicodin (Hydrocodone 10/325) every 4 hrs (6 times a day) for bilateral rotor cuff teats, which I had 2 on my left and waiting for the insurance companies to finish fighting for the right side surgery) and get no relief. I always end up taking more than usual and I am worried about the amount of APAP (Tylenol) my system, even though I get LFT's (Liver Function Tests).

Just wondering if that dose was ok because I would rather take a medicatio that works, and I know Percocet works without any side effects and it would be less Tylenol in my system. Anyone have any ideas?