I took Pepto Bismol on Wed. nite twice (the first time in years), 2 times Thurs. n a half a dose on Fri. morn. Fri. afternoon I saw a subtle uniform rash on my arms (almost just dots or pimply looking - not hives?) and that night noticed that it was over most of my middle. I've been mildly dizzy as well. Yesterday it was better but still a little noticeable. The dizziness was gone this morning and the rash not there - only the scaly feeling of it - but the more I think about it, it's come back a little (I'm assuming it's the mental element in finding online it saying hives are a severe side effect! but I don't think I have hives??) I'm hoping this is still considered a mild allergic reaction and it'll just go away on it's own? Thanks for your thoughts!