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Paxil - What can closely replace Paxil after 23 yrs of use?


WildcatVet 19 June 2022

Hi, Mightymar!
It will really depend on how you respond to different medications as some will be great and others not so much so. It may take some trial and error but if I were to make a suggestion it would be Lexapro (escitalopram). It's the most commonly prescribed antidepressant/anxiolytic and has a high rating in user reviews.
I'm sorry your Paxil "pooped out" on you... it must have been very effective for all those years.
Best regards and good luck to you.

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charliebella 19 June 2022

I took paxil for 40 years and it stopped working... has been horrible trying to find right med, have tried so many, am now taking zoloft.. my main issues are with anxiety Good Luck and hope you find something to help you free discount card

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