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Is the pain reliever in duloxetine non-narcotic?


chuck1957 4 Dec 2016

voodoo22; Just as Stephen has said it is a non-Narcotic pain medication and used for many different things a chronic pain. which travels all through the body it depends on what you are being treated for. Just know to take it exactly as the doctor has said and don't take any more than that until you see the doctor again. I do want you to know it is very common for some people to feel almost like the flu, sometimes nervous,or racing heart.etc when you first start it but these side effects go away anywhere from a week to 2 weeks and it may take even 1 or 2 more weeks before you really start to notice much benefits from it and it take it really 6 to 8 weeks to reach the full blood level. But anyway many people get great results from this one. And don't worry there are many different ones that are very effective but remember also try and take this about the same time each day. And don't miss a dose even one dose and you can feel weird from it.So remember to always reorder it from your pharmacy 5 to 7 days ahead of time so you don't get stuck without. Hope you have a good of success with this as many do. And you never just stop taking it you have to be tapered off over a period of time or you well get weird withdrawals.Merry Christmas

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Stephen Treloar 1 Dec 2016

Absolutely yes. This medication is most definitely a non narcotic.

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