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What pain med is stronger than percocet 10 325. I daily take 6 & a75mcg fent. Patch/72 hrs ?

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bumblebee90 14 Mar 2012

Dear liz d,
You will hear from a few people on this, but a couple I was on that was stronger was Opana Er and Nucynta Er. There is also Dilaudid I think. Like I said that is just a couple. That being stronger than the percocet... not the fentanyl. Your friend Ruth

liz d 15 Mar 2012

Thanks for info,I am researching meds I have been on Percocet and Vic since 2004 and now started fent patch. Pain is a lot better but still hurt. I feel as though I'm getting to a better spot with patch and want to find a strong pill er . I guess it's trial and error at this point. I am new to this Internet communication but find it to be helpful to me and possibly others.thanks again. Liz

liz d 22 Mar 2012

Hi Ruth,how do I send u a private question? How r u? Saw dr and started 100 mcg fentanyl patch and10 650 percocet for breakthrough pain max 6 aday.Started tues pm... so far so good
Liz d

bumblebee90 22 Mar 2012

Liz D,
You click on my picture ( the little lamb), and it will say ask private question. Click on ask private question. Ask something like how are you in the top box, and then write your message in the second box. The information box. You'll see. Write me anytime hon. Ruthie

DzooBaby 14 Mar 2012

The ones the previous poster mentioned are long acting drugs. It sounds like you are looking for a good breakthrough drug since you are already on Fentanyl. The next step up for you would be the plain oxycodone 15mg then 30mg. Percocet has acetaminophen in it so it is dose limited. Roxicodone or plain oxycodone comes in a 15mg and 30mg.

bumblebee90 14 Mar 2012

Thank you Dzoo, I probably should have caught that and mentioned those instead. You are very correct. :) Ruth

liz d 15 Mar 2012

I've been thinking about you a lot. How r u today and how did the dr appt go? Isn't oxycodone Percocet? How aRe the side effects on rox? I am a busy mom of 3 boys so I need to be okay... you know what I mean. I am a little bit afraid to go up to 100 mcg patch even thought they are working well

liz d 22 Mar 2012

Can't figure out how to send u. Questions directly... it's the lined in me... ha r u.? I started 100 mcg fent patch and new perc has more acet in it... so far so good... I put ino in my profile about me... I hate talking about myself..anyway how r u ok..check out profile when you can bye... Liz d

Anonymous 15 Mar 2012

Hi Liz, guess I should have read the other respones ,but it is getting late tonight & want to go to bed! I would ask to have your patch increased to 100mg & then you should be able to cut down on the percs. If you are having to take that many, your patch just isn't strong enough... Mary

DzooBaby 15 Mar 2012

Thats another good idea because, really, your pain control should come more from your long acting that the short acting.

liz d 15 Mar 2012

Thanks... I'm still very new to the patches and they are wonderful so far. I'm a little afraid to go up to 100 but I think that would work out great and lessen my pill intake. Do you know about OxyContin in an er form. I rather take a few breakthrough pills that last a long time than instead of the perc 10 I take every 4hours. What do. Think... thanks much

Anonymous 16 Mar 2012

I don't think your doctor would prescribe a long acting drug like oxycontin with the fentanyl patch. Just my thoughts... Mary free discount card

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