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Oval shape, lavender or purple, no markings, divided line on one side?

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Ngiddens1964 6 Aug 2021

What is an oval shape purple pill

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DzooBaby 11 April 2014

ALL drugs in the US must have identifying markings, either numbers or letters and sometimes a logo as well. This allows the drug to be identified. If you are in the US and have this pill, it is either a supplement (vitamin, mineral, herbal or dietary supplement) or it is foreign made or illicit. Dietary supplements and herbal drugs are the only pills that do not have to have identifying markers because they are not regulated by the FDA. So it is doubtful that it is Xanax unless it is a foreign made tablet.

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kaismama 11 April 2014

There is no way we can id it without any markings.

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Madre Martinez 11 April 2014

Yeah, I understand. That's why I'm asking, I think it's a Xanax, but I'm uncertain. Thank you for responding to my question, the search goes on... free discount card

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