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What is this pill - grey and purple cap with ST-3EF on gray side and 224/3850 on the purple side?


Ngiddens1964 6 Aug 2021

What does stool softener 100/mg docusate sodium pills look like

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Inactive 11 May 2011

Generic Name: Proprietary Blend of Kola Nut, Cactus Extract, White Willow Bark, grapefruit Extract, Chitosan; Caffeine (Anhydrous); Tri-Guarcinia Complex
Strength: 225 mg; 250 mg; 25 mg
Manufacturer: NVE Pharmaceuticals
Trade Name: Stacker 3 with Chitosan
Type: Dietary Supplement
Class: OTC
Size (mm): 20 X 7
Comment: Imprint ST 3EF 224 3850, ST3EF 2243850

Used to help with energy and weight loss, ephedra free.

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User4026 18 Feb 2014

This type of capsule is stacker three found any weight-loss center including Walgreens Walmart right aid CVS any other pharmacy and supplement place free discount card

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