I was prescribed omeprazole to see if my trouble swallowing was due to acid reflux or eosinophilic
esophagitis.I had an endoscopy done and eosinophils were found in the biopsy of my esophagus. I was prescribed omeprazole, 40mg twice a day. The first morning after I took it I had terrible cramping and diarrhea. I thought it might have been something I ate so I continued to take medication. The next morning I woke at 3am with severe cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. I contacted my Dr and he said this is a very uncommon reaction so instead of trying it for 8 weeks we'll try it for 4 so I continued. Next morning I felt a slight pain in my right hip and figured I must have done something to cause that. By 5 that evening my left hip started hurting. By 630-7 I was barely able to walk. I'm very active and have never had hip pain in my life. I called advice nurse and she set me up with phone appt for the next day. Talked with a different doctor the next day and put me on hold while she looked up further side effects from omeprazole. My diet/life hadn't changed, the only thing new was this medication. She told me since I had only been on it 4 days it was safe to stop immediately. I was feeling so much better by the evening. That was on Tuesday and now it's Friday, and my left hip pain is completely gone, I had a serious limp the day after I stopped, but there is still a slight pain in my right pain when bending forward and diarrhea is getting better but am still having cramps about 15-20 minutes after I eat. I read about people taking it long term but not short term and causing so many side effects. Has anybody else experienced them so quickly and why why why would a Dr tell a patient to continue on a medication when severe symptoms only started after taking it? Has anybody experienced it this fast and if so did you recover completely? I was very clear about absolutely no change I my diet.I was really scared when I couldn't walk. I feel he did not make a good decision when treating me.