I don't think about sex as much in which I like now. I would feel that I would have to have sex just so i can hopefully have a mood change or that's all I ever thought about besides the occasional day dream or spacing out. I was always very active though just couldnt concentrate when I was younger, now that I'm 33 years old. My energy has returned I feel confident, I can socialize again ,my attention span is getting better everyday and its day 3 and I can look into people eyes now during a conversation.
. has anybody ever felt this or heard of that? It is working but the 30mg is starting to lose its pontent from day 1 but is gradually bring me into a calm focus but energy levels are up if i nee dthem or can go away if i need to sit still. it's not as strong as it was the first day. i will be going on 50mg in a few days. will see what happens.