I just started taking meds again as my ADHD seems to have gotten worse. Im an adult woman. I have a six year old boy. I keep missing school, dr appointments, never can finish anything unless it's something I'm interested in. I'm "high octane" off the drugs, always chasing after some thing to do, but never what I should be doing. (Like actually doing the laundry once a week.) I loose everything; from keys, lighters. Mentally spinning around in circles trying to just get one darn thing finished during the day.

I've been on this medication for ten days now. It's making me so sleepy all day, my eyes feel sore, hands sweaty, body is cold and I keep clenching my jaw until my teeth hurt. Will this pass? Or should I go back to the Dr?

Ignoring the bad effects if I push through this sleepy-fog I can get things done. Kind if ... mostly I just want to crawl back under the covers.