My boyfriend and I were messing around and he put his penis inside me. Not for long, maybe a couple seconds, (worried about the precum) then put a condom on, after this whole incident, I became paranoid that I could get pregnant. So, I rushed to that pharmacy and took Plan B One Step 13 hours later (Took the pill Saturday) a day or two after my period. Now 5 days later (Thursday) I experienced Brownish discharge/spotting. I freaked. But later that night it turned bright red. Which I assume is withdrawal bleeding (breakthrough bleeding ). But the side effects are crazy. THURSDAY: Some insomnia and a little abdominal pain. Notice a little sweating. FRIDAY: ABSOLUTELY awful. I had lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, sever dizziness, headaches, massive insomnia, vomity feeling, and oddly enough TONS of sweat. I'm talking like. I was soaking and the sheets where damp. I also didn't get depressed. I just lost motivation and kept loosing intrest in eating. So that could've been the culprit. But I just want to know, has anyone else gone through this? Advice? Could Plan-B have worked?