The last 2 nights I've had nightmares and increased anxiety in the morning. I also feel out of it like I'm kind of in a daze. I know that my doctor just increased my dose of Bupropion from 150mg to 300mg about 10 days ago so is this normal? Will this subside? I feel like maybe this is not the right medication for me but not sure if I am not giving it enough time. I feel so helpless right now like if this will never go away, please help. Has anyone experienced this while on Bupropion? Did it go away? I know everyone is different but I just need to hear something positive right now. I also hesitate to take the Ativan, I just hate taking meds so I resist taking them sometimes. It's like I get anxiety about taking an anxiety pill, this sounds crazy but that's just how I feel. Any advise would be helpful, thanks.