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Anyone going through withdrawl nightmares ?

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123cara 21 Sep 2017

i had seriously bad nightmares july 2017 from xanax withdrawal. was so so terrible. i had dreams of my family being murdered, people being murdered, tons of gore, and they would seem like it would last all night. id wakeup sweating uncontrollably, scared, and afterwords it was annoying. i was super depressed and one night told my dad i wanted to die and i cried for two hours and in public. I remember taking 2 or 3.. between 3 of us, and I'm pretty sure i took way more. I did it for two nights in a row. 110% do not recommend at all. withdrawals lasted about 2 weeks it felt like. i was forgetting a lot and getting so frustrated and the crying would happen again. nightmares were the worst, id be up all night and when i did sleep they would start up again. soooooooo bad

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Colosimochick2 17 May 2012

dont give up keep trying it will be hard. my husband went through it for two weeks and jumped right back to where he left off now he has to keep doing it over and over and it was horrible to see him like that

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ballerbill2 18 April 2012

hey i no this post is old but i no people still read it because i did. i got off xanax and suboxone on march 1st 2012 its now april 18th 2012 and im feeling alot alot alot better still feel crappy at times but its more of a mind game now. neways at my worst i was takin 4 2mgs a day had a script for 2 and would buy the rest. i also took it for about 5 yrs starting at .5 twice a day. but withdrawls mmm nothin you can do really to stop them nothing works besides time and forcing yourself to get up even if your walkin around like an old cripple but i tapered down where i was takin .25 a day but i did it pretty rapidly over about a month so yea it sucked for that whole month but not as bad as running out and being sick even just the first day but for me i started to feel better on the 4th day without anything but dont expect much improvment for 2 weeks.


ya gotta force yourself to eat and drink or you will just feel worst also take vitamins and drink lots of green tea helps with the gaba receptors or w.e and i herd bananas are good for it to but really you wont think itll help cuz its not instant like takin a pill but i think over all it helped me in the long run somepeople dont feel better for months n months but i refuse to be one of them and thats really the best thing you can do is say f this im tired of bn down and out time to get my life back and force youself to b active luckly my pops helped me out alot i stayed with him and yea i hated him while it was happening but im so very gratefull for him making me get up and do stuff around the house and helping me threw all of this. another thing is dont wait get off it asap the longer you wait the worst its gonna be neways good luck hang in there to neone goin threw this you will get better time is on your side.

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Niena 21 July 2011

Are u asking if anyone is going threw xanex withdrawl nightmares? Been there!! Done that!!

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mattlerose 23 Oct 2010

There are others that have the same kind of dreams you are talking about. We discuss them at a site called AskAnAddict.

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hardfi 11 July 2010

Xanax withdrawls suck ass. Make sure they give you a three month taper with Neurontin and Serax. You really don't need a seizure. The nightmares enough are worse than Heroin. I got a three day taper with Tranxene(Librium). I couldn't eat for nine days. If it weren't for the Zofran (anti-nausious) in the ambulance(I would be dead) I ran out of xanax in the middle of a trip to Rapid City, SD... seizure on the floor of the bus depot.. no fun... I know I shouldn't be discussing it, but some people need to know the dangers of how this drug can be. Its a great drug, but it ain't pot... you will have some scary withdrawls.

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nikicole1986 13 July 2010

its getting better slowly thanks for ur input :)

nikicole1986 13 July 2010

Ya and every doctor tells u something diff iam on no benzo now last month beginning of month i went to detox and got off klodopin put on ativan to try stabilize me didnt work 2mg 3times day and fast taper agian after 7 days on that i did 3 or 4 day taper off , iam on neurotin and propenol everyday is better they tell me this is anxiety some say its withdrawls i know its withdrawls because i never ever felt this bad iam at point were my belly is so sore and swollen from liquids and digestive ,


ankles swollen scared of everything but i force myself and do it its getting better before i couldnt even think about going out now its lil better my balance is still way off i never knew it be this bad but my doctor wanted put me on something for anxiety and i said no iam not iam going to tough it out i cant ever do this agian iam amazed iam still alive i was so in shock in april i almost went into coma or died so iam lucky no thanks to hosp who detoxed me in 2wks and didnt check on me i did it all by myself i wish they do away with them because their nice at 1st but really could do without them theres other things people could take or do i was fine before this pill jus lil nervous active , happy then turn moody and mean now iam not so active because of withdrawl but i will be when this is over cant wait ... :O

Niena 21 July 2011

I feel u hardfi! I moved from one state to another and didnt really think about how hard it might be to find one who would write my medications even with my records. I had taken Xanex for 8 yrs. 1 mg twice a day for major anxiety disorder. Within 36 hours i hit the floor with my first seizure and that was only the begaining. I couldnt eat, I couldnt sleep. I lost almost 30 pounds. Every muscle in my body was screaming!! I even thought about ending my life. I wish i had never taken a xanex. I was misrable for 8 months untill we moved bk to my home town. Im takeing them again but with other nerve medication and i make my self go without for 36 hours every so often just to see how bad I feel. Ive seen my share of withdrawls but plz take my word for it!! Xaxex withdrawl can kill u!

Lil Stevie 27 June 2010

Well , I hope I don't start something i will be sorry for but there is a way to reduce the effects of opiate withdrawal by 70 to 95 %. Of course it can not be had in the USA unless you go underground.I went to a clinic in Mexico to get off methadone so I would be clean for one of my major back operations. It was costly (with airfare and all it was about $4000.00. I am talking about Ibogaine. Anyone here that would like to chat about it please PVT me. This medication works for everyone I have talked to that has used it properly.

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Brat8855 15 April 2011

Lilstevie, PLEASE, I really need to get in touch with you somehow. I read about ibogain in one of your comments and I (putting it on everything i love) feel like that is my last chance in life to change the agony i have lived for the past 17 years. I am 32 and feel like i am 132. I promise to not harass you but i really would love to ask you some things about that trip to Mexico you took.

marjorie zych 13 May 2010

I have been through that before. It is no fun. I had horrible nightmares but the doctors just said it will pass with time but it makes you not want to go to sleep because of it. I used to have them so bad that I would wake up crying and in a deep sweat. Hope yours are not that bad. I will be thinking of you. You may want to try some meditation before bedtime sometimes that helps with some of the anxiety from the nightmares. Just remember they can't hurt you for real and in time they will stop. Hang in there write again if you need some support I know how they feel. Good luck and try to get some sleep.

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NightAngelSky 12 May 2010

Nikicole what type of pill are you having the withdrawls from? I have been through them with only xanax when i was on them. It makes you extremely sick, you gets the shakes, sweating, elevated heart rate. So if this is the pill i strongly advise admittiate medical help. Like i said you can write me privately any time. hope this help.

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nikicole1986 12 May 2010

very helpful yes it the drug

nikicole1986 12 May 2010

send me message so i can send one to you i dont know how k thanks i got some ?s thanx ::hug::

RemSupreme 11 May 2010

When I was weaning off opiates I would have nightmares that I found a huge stash of opiates and wake up sick,If its opiates take some valium or ativan and immodium A-D and they will pass if thats what your talking about.Time will go slow but we must pay the [rice

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fall queen 12 May 2010

Well hello Remsupreme, I still gotta tell you after the awful bashing you got when you first came on ( where you did"t need a bunch of Mothers trying to run your life happy I added you as a friend as I see you have given alot of vauable info to a lot of people here. This was a could answer, I thing this young woman is going through all those weird dreams like you and I both mentioned. I am glsd I never cut you out of my circle of friend your info has been right on! Fall Queen

RemSupreme 12 May 2010

Thanks,Queen.What you said made my day,im glad we are friends,and again thank you for the very nice comment you made.

nikicole1986 12 May 2010

thank for all help everyone ur comments mean alot to me

ibogaineheals 10 Aug 2010

Imagine a more ideal medication to treat drug addiction and dependence. The requirements for such a medication would include the ability to reduce withdrawal symptoms as well as to reduce post-treatment cravings. Such a medication currently exists, and it is called ibogaine. Ibogaine treatments are administered by experienced MD's in a beautiful facility located in the resort city of Ensenada, Mexico, just south of the San Diego border.The duration of treatment is 6-10 days.
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barbles2413 11 May 2010

yes it is hard sickening depressing and last for a very long time no sense lying to you i am sorry but i do not want to give you any false idea that it will be a piece of cake i was there and keep in touch with your doctor he is your best hope for getting through it with help to ease the symptoms Good luck and God bless

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nikicole1986 12 May 2010

yea its so frustrating feel like iam going crazy all because of a pill its so pathetic wish i just had internet when i 1st started this pill its ruined my life xanax my doctor new one put me on klopin or however you spell it 2 times a day detox me off slowly cause my heart rate is 142 and my legs dont do anything when she taps them they are numbd heavy have been now for 2 months my withdrawl is so bad mouth herts teeth back shes afraid i might start seeing stuff soon or have seizure so she going to try this route see what happens i detoxed in 2wks was done after being on xanax for 3 yrs almost so my body is in shock bad ! I would not wish this on anyone when i walk i feel like iam going back fourth and going to pass out wish me luck thanx you guys so much just need to hear others stories to know iam not alone iam clean cut person most people think iam preppy and goody goody just so insane how much power that pill has my head is killing me so bad i just cry all day wishing and praying i dont die because its so scarey :(

OVERiTxoxo 15 Feb 2011

I withdrew from Oxys and it is miserable. I went cold turkey and it was a nightmare.

fall queen 11 May 2010

Hi nkicole1986, Are you having what I used to call " drug dreams?". I would finally fall asleep for 1/2 hour after one or two nights with no sleep. I would go through all kinds of crazy motions trying to get a drug but as soon as I went to do the drug it would get lost, be something else or I didn't have a ride... just a bunch of crazy things that would happen to make the drug "unattainable". Of course you are going to have withdrawal, been there done that more times than I could tell you. All I can say now is that I believe some people go through withdrawal much easier than others. On the other end of the spectrum,there are many people like me who just want to scream and kick and be so unreasonable about the detox. Even though a few times I was able to do it resonably well, I always went back. Until now I am just praying things won't happen again I just need to take each day at a time. Hope you are feeling better soon Fall Queen

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RemSupreme 2 July 2010

I had the same dreams when kickin I would get the drug but I always woke up as soon as I was going to do it.That is a crappy feeling,and I would also go to sleep for what seemed hours and when I awoke it was like only 25 min of sleep.There is nothing that slows down time like kickin opiates

T_Rock 2 May 2011

I used to think that I was the only one that had those types of dreams. In the dream you would be looking to score forever and when you finally got what you where looking for you would goto your place to do it only to find that it was'nt in your pocket anymore, or that it had opened up in your pocket and spilled. Or the dreaded dream that nothing had gone wrong, and you got your needle all ready to go and just as you're about to slide it in your vein... WHAM! you wake up. What a bitch. Soo glad i'm clean... well on methadone atleast, which has improved my quality of life 10 fold. By the way, i'm sick of people ragging on methadone. I've got all my old friends back, a very good paying job, a new car, and have made alot of the wrongs I did right. God bless everyone who's still fighting the ultimate battle, hang in there.

NightAngelSky 11 May 2010

are you saying your withdrawls are as bad as a nightmare?

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robert trivet 11 May 2010

im not going threw them but i have and this will pass and if you are having the night mares then you are over the with draw part i believe the physical part anyway now its just mental and hang in there this will pass

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nikicole1986 11 May 2010

thanxs everyone

Niena 21 July 2011

Are u talking about Xanex withdrawl or something else?

Inactive 11 May 2010

What exactly do you mean? Like having nightmares cause of withdrawals or having them ABOUT withdrawals?

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nikicole1986 11 May 2010

going through really bad withdrawls from pill or some type drug

chance4reallife 11 May 2010

This too shall pass

Inactive 11 May 2010

In retrospect i suppose that was kind of a stupid question... No when i went through xanax w/d i didnt have any kind of nightmares (probably cause i didnt sleep), but they, just like all withdrawal symptoms, will fade with time. Unfortunately though thats the ONLY thing thatll help them; time

hardfi 25 Oct 2010

the withdrawls get easier as the years go by. The more used to your body that the medication is, the easier it can handle withdrawl. I withdrawl for about two and a half weeks a month. Up until a year ago, I couldn't get up except to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Now, I can at least shower, look presentable, keep the house clean, and try to take walks. It still really is uncomfortable during night. Sometimes the trazedone isn't enough and I keep having nightmares that I am missing some deadline. I know these dreams are telling me that I am missing out on my life if I can't manage to get the help I need to get through life.

cosmicbliss828 9 March 2011

I was prescribed a 25 mg Fental patch for pain that I am having. This worst w/d I EVER had. I blew throw thousands on the street buying OC and Roxy and still never ever had anything like this! I went through my patches for this month in 5 days and now im screwed. lol Its almost funny how pathetic it is being addicted to these drugs. We will never learn will we?

flmom32 28 April 2011

I have some type of crazy dreams cause I wake up if I do fall asleep every time in panic. It is awful. Hope it goes away soon.

justyboy418 14 July 2011

Yes, I am very familiar with these issues in reference to nightmares about drugs. They are called "Drug Dreams." You are having craving's on a subconscience level as well. You can have these dreams up to a year depending on the severity of your former habit. I know you've heard this before, but it's just a waiting game. Time heals all. Hang in there! free discount card

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