I started taking this medicine 25 mg 2x a day due to a fast heart rate and I have SEVERE anxiety. The doctors did many tests in my 3 day hospital stay and everything came back normal! I was so scared yes everything was ok but again no one knew why I had a fast heart rate so they said I have severe anxiety and tachycardia which they made it seem like it was induced by my anxiety as if my anxiety is getting so bad I can't even control my own body. The medicine lowered my heart rate and believe it or not lowered my anxiety I'm a happier person and I feel better! Only thing is sometimes if I'm at work and I bend down and stay there and then get up I get a bit dizzy which freaks me out but I heard this is a side effect with any medicine that lowers heart rate or blood pressure. PLUS I've been having VIVID nightmares, they are super scary very realistic I wake up and I never feel like my heart is pounding I don't think it is I just wake up freaked out but I quickly realize it was just a dream and I go back to bed but I go into the same or another nightmare. Anyone else have this side effect if so how long did it last I've only been on the medicine for 2 weeks?