I got my implant February 12th. I was on day 4 of my period. I went on to have my period for an additional 2 days like usual. No bleeding until March 6th. I bled my 6 days. When my period was over, I started experiencing brown discharge or maybe blood... Not much, but enough to need to wear a thin pad. On the 19th of March, I started another period. Ended 5 days later. That being said, from March 24-current (April 14th) I've been non stop experiencing more brown "blood." Sometimes it lightens up and I think it's going to stop, then it gets dark again.
If my boyfriend and I have sex, I start bleeding actual blood for 30minutes- an hour, then experience brown blood again. I don't know if I have a problem, or if it's normal. I haven't seen anything about bleeding brown blood for a month or even longer really at a time. Only for a couple of days then it stops. Should I be concerned? Also, is brown blood or discharge considered "spotting?" Or is spotting just mainly a little bit of pink/red blood?