I was given prednisone for a flare up of Neuropathy pain in the right foot for a course of 12 days. After the pills were gone my pain returned to its normal levels before the flare up. But about a week later, after no longer taking the steroids and the pain has returned 10 times worse. It is as if there is a knife constantly digging into the side of my ankle and the top of my foot feels as if it’s on fire which seems to come and go. The burning lasts for about 10 minutes and then slowly fades away leaving a chilled feeling behind. Is this normal after stoping steroids? I also have a history of DVTs so that is a possible concern? I am in so much pain I have taken the maximum dose of pain pills as well as the largest amount of CBD oil that they said I can take for anything the pills don’t reach, as well as heat therapy which only worked as long as the heat was directly on my foot. As soon as I turned the heating pad off the pain comes back as my foot returned to normal temp. I can normally handle pain, in fact I stop taking pain pills the day after surgery because I can handle it so well. But this has me curled up in a ball crying due to my foot hurting so bad. I don’t know what to do. Can someone please give me some idea of what to do?