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Does Neurontin cause weight gain?

25 Answers

balbanese 23 Sep 2014

It can, water weight, so be sure to hydrate and don't change our eating habits.

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summers02 5 Oct 2014

Thanks balbanese - I will have to give up my love of all things sweet, but so far I haven't had much of an appetite. The neurontin is helping with anxiety and sore joints - which is a nice win.

balbanese 5 Oct 2014

Yes, and giving up the sweets? A win win! I just went on a Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Sugar, Sugar substitute free diet. Within 3-days I felt brand new, not sure which of those made the difference, but I can say that once the sweets are gone, you will be amazed at the wonderful natural flavors out there. Also, beware of Fructose (in fruit) corn syrup, honey (all forms) and other sneaky ways sugar sneaks in.

balbanese 5 Oct 2014

I see in my initial response I said hydrate "and don't change our eating habits." Error! Hydrate and take a good look at our eating habits. I think you understood the first time, just want to be sure I'm not contradicting myself (then I get into an argument with myself and that's really annoying)


Lin_Z_Rae 14 Sep 2015

I thought honey was a natural way to sweeten hot tea =(

Lin_Z_Rae 14 Sep 2015

So what DID you eat?

Inactive 23 Sep 2014

Neurontin can cause weight gain or weight loss, depending on your metabolisim. It can also increase appetite or make you crave certain types of foods like those high in carbohydrates or fat. The weight gain may be from a slow down of your metabolism or cause fluid retention.

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summers02 5 Oct 2014

Thanks, Pamee. I do have an awful sweet tooth - so will have to watch that! (drat) I drink lots of water (always have) so maybe this will help. Only being 5'1" every pound shows.

Inactive 5 Oct 2014

I agree (drat) lol take care!

Ktbaby89 10 Oct 2018

I have since starting neurontin gained like 20 pounds in five months or so, came on very quickly and idk if that's the cause or if taking it has changed other things in my system to make it happen, I can't loose weight either when I try, I have no ovaries no meds for hormones and seems to mess with maybe that and thyroid???

mrbreezeet1 10 Jan 2015

I gained 20 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. Everybody said it was my fault, and it was cause I ate "breaded chicken" I say B/S.
I say it was the gabapentin.
I had the doctor take me off the gabapentin, and now l am depressed

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summers02 11 Jan 2015

Sorry to hear this. Eating breaded chicken shouldn't cause such weight gain... don't listen to these people. Your doctor should be able to prescribe another medication to help with your depression - there are lots of choices. Please call the suicide help line or someone you trust, don't hurt yourself because you are worthy... no matter what!

Daftpunk69 30 Jun 2016

Well depends on how much breaded chicken and bow cooked, baked or fried. Bread is a simple carbohydrate which behaves in the same way in the body as sugar.

Ktbaby89 10 Oct 2018

That's exactly what happened to me, why do you think it is doing it

Paula cook 22 Feb 2015

I have severe pain in my neck. Every vertebrae in my neck is bulging and deterated. I take nerotins and hydrocodone for it. I have noticed a little weight gain. The pills help but I'm sick of having to take pills every day. I'm on 400 milligrams of nerotins 4 times a day. Does it cause weight gain.

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Jamie Walker 7 Dec 2015

Dear Paula Cook,
Thank you for your time and effort to help folks out. I use to take Hyrocodone 10mgs 4 times a day with my 1200 mgs of Gabapentin which helped my Neck and spine very well ,
But I gained alot of weight. Then my doctor took me off the Hyrocodone and I've had severe PAIN. I gained 50 lbs. Due to the Gabapentin.

Savannah81 31 Jan 2016

I thought I was going crazy. I'm eating less and still gained 55 pounds. I thought it was the blocks. But now I see.
What's funny is that even though the studies say 2/3 % reported weight gain. But reading through comments I'm finding more than 50% of people are reporting significant weight gain with long term use.
I'm thinking the studies are not accurate.

2Earnest 19 Feb 2016

This is in answer to others who are discussing weight gain. i've been on gabapentin for probably 1 1/2 yr, 600 mg/day for help w depression (plus other meds for depression). Dr. recently suggested 900 mg per day. I have REDUCED portions, significantly INCREASED exercise (burning 600-700 plus calories daily) and am gaining 1-2 pounds per week. Believe me I'm tracking this accurately. It's a huge abdominal girth change. Help-anyone??

Fighting Fibro 22 Aug 2017

Whether 50% of individuals gain weight, as it appears from this forum, or 2/3 - 66% - of individuals, as the drug study statistics indicated, there are just too many cases of Gabapentin-induced obesity to ignore the numbers.
I gained 35 stubborn pounds while using this drug, which I am hoping to lose, now that I have weaned myself off of it. I reduced my dosage gradually, over 10 days, and it has been 11 days since my last pill. Since then, I have only taken Naproxen for Fibromyalgia pain.
My memory and mental acuity have already improved.

Ktbaby89 10 Oct 2018

I have been on 800mg four to five times a day and I also take my adderall for my ADHD so most meds have never made me gain so I am in complete despair because gaining weight makes my disorders go out of whack and the neurontin helps me so much and now seems I am going to have to wean off? How??

MIKE IRISH 23 Nov 2018

I think a lot of the weight gain has a lot to do with the lack of exercise because of the pain we are in and not seek because of the medication. If the doctors would give us enough pain medication where we could move around more we could lose weight, then reduce medication and hopefully keep the weight off.

stuwer231267 24 Mar 2015

I have been using gabapentin for almost 3 years along with morphine and I have put on loads of weight and my legs and feet have swollen up and my local nurse thinks it's lymphadema but I have been doing some research and gabapentin causes fluid in the feet (although it doesn't mention from the knees down).I had been getting weighed regularly and my weight just kept going up and up but I tried on holiday teeshirt that were bought for last year's holiday and they are 2 sizes too small for me.I can't exercise due to my lungs not working right,angina,kneecap keeps dislocating and now lymphadema so that could be part of the reason I'm gaining weight but I honestly don't eat a lot.i can go all day without eating then I can eat a little bit before I go to bed,so I'm not scoffing my face all going back to my doctor and asking him to gradually take me off them as I was really sick in bed one day and forgot to take my medication at night and I woke ...


up during the night (4-5am) shaking like a leaf and in agony,I honestly thought I was dying but I remembered straight away that I hadn't took my med the night before so I took my med went back to sleep and woke up feeling great.i am on 43 tablets a day and my dosage for gabapentin is 900mg 3 x a day which is a high dosage plus I'm on morphine and loads of other tablets for my heart and lungs.If you are able to exercise I'm sure weight gain won't be a problem for you,I just can't exercise enough for it to do me any good

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mrbreezeet1 24 Mar 2015

Sorry to hear all that you have it worse than I do for sure.
Hope you get to feeling better soon, and can start to enjoy life again.

Lin_Z_Rae 24 Sep 2015

Thanks for saying that. Gives me hope that I can stay on Remeron, which is ultimately what I assumed caused all the weight gain. I will omit gaba and see what happens. I have to take Lasix or I end up in ER with MAJOR swelling. Have had ultrasound of Veinous region and arterial and both were normal so u have to conclude the med mixture is the cause. A year ago I was only on 2 meds--now I have lost count! Tired of the roller coaster.

Stacymacquivey 22 Oct 2015

I feel for you hang in there. I just started canapé time last week. I feel I have more energy and I do not hurt as bad. I have terrible arthritis in all my joints. I'm just fearful of gaining weight. It does get frustrating having to take pills with all their side effects. But what helps me get through is I tell myself I could have a terminal disease but atleast I can still motivate each day with meds. I just lost my husband to strokes and congestive heart failure. So I guess I'm doing very good. Atleast he is at peace now. We have to keep plugging along for daily success.

Jstyk 23 Jun 2015

I found neurontin itself didn't cause my weight gain (70+ lbs). It was the increased appetite hence change in eating habits that did it. Inspite of being more active with pain managed, I was REALLY enjoying food more than normal. If your appetite changes, definitely seek out support, it isn't anything to be embarrassed about.

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btcgc 15 Jul 2015

I'm finding that gabapentin must be causing me to at least retain weight. Since starting on a small dose, that I refuse to titrate up as ordered, I have been working out regularly, eating very healthy -no carbs, no gluten, no sugar, or ANY processed foods. Just a couple of years ago when I did the same, I lost substantial weight. Now, despite same program, very little weight is coming off and very, very slowly. That's why I am now researching this topic and came to your question. I should be seeing more progress, therefore, that is why I am concluding that the neurontin must be causing me to retain weight. So with no change in eating habits, it could cause weight gain, but I suppose it all depends on your own metabolism prior to starting the med. Good luck. I want off!

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Mrscvm 29 Jul 2017

I just started gabapentin a few weeks ago at night for pain & sleep. It's small dose. Volteran during the day which has help with joint pain. I just read your post & it sounds like me. I changed my diet & started working out again and have already gained 7 pounds when the same routine has always worked for me! Glad I found these posts. It's not worth it because my ankles and feet have been swelling also. Thanks. Keep up the progress! I go in a month to get my diagnosis and plan. I'm anxious to find out what's wrong.

DDPMK5OF6 24 Jul 2015

For me the answere is yes,. On the day I started Gabipentian 300mg 2x's a day, I weighed 148lbs. Before starting gabapentin my daily pain level of 7 to 10 with some days not being able to function at all (pain level off the chart.) Shortly after staring it, I noticed a reduction in my migraines, muscles spasms, it helped with all my pains. I was able to get dressed, cook, clean, have a life with a pain level of only about 4 to 5.
Less pain by 1/2, my energy & activity level more than double, & no change in my diet, I should be thrilled.
But I was gaining around 1lb a week, I thought my levethroxine might be off, however that was not the case.
I weighed 162lbs (a weight gain of 14 lbs) when I went on vacation for a week. I had forgot my Gabipentian at home and when I returned I did not start it back up.


My pain level is between 7 to 9, greatly reducing my ability to have a life. However, my weight is down to 151lbs
I guess for me, I have a choice..
Skiny, great pain, little life
Heavy (no clue how heavy I will get) little pain and a greater life.

ANY thought or suggestion are welcomed.

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Lin_Z_Rae 6 Sep 2015

My advice is to try a diuretic, rx not otc, like Lasix or Spironolactone. The fluids and water weight can be the difference between wearing your new shoes or wearing slippers everywhere.

Karolina020 9 Sep 2015

You sound identical to me..Pain and chunky or no pain and thin.I've been on it for three months and almost 10 lbs irregular periods forget things. And fat..but upside I can function

Lin_Z_Rae 14 Sep 2015

Karolina, interesting that you said no periods. I think hormones play a huge part in ALL body functions, mental and physical. My weight first went up after having my only child at 26. Only had one period since, and it was almost a decade later.

Bloodgem09 23 Sep 2015

I started taking gabapentin 6 months ago, pain levels orata max 10 unable to move or function was prescribed it for the neuropathy in my left arm but not for sciatica down both legs or lower back pain. Started taking two tablets 300 grams each three times a day and have not noticed any significant difference in my pain levels as far as the medication goes but I had gone from 147 pounds to 194 pounds in 6 months so now I'm on weight loss medication and I have quit taking the gabapentin because it was not working anyway and I really need do not have all this weight on me considering I am a short person an extra 20 pounds is like an extra 50 pounds on my knees so you have to sacrifice something so considering this medication was not working for me it's not a big deal quitting it but it's just the weight issue I wish somebody would have told me before I was put on this medication considering gaining weight causes me to go into panic attacks because of my family so being fat son option and being unhealthy so I guess gabapentin out for me

Lin_Z_Rae 23 Sep 2015

I feel your pain, literally. I am on more than one med that is causing weight gain, so I may have to quit meds and go back to sad and anxious full time. Do let us know if the gabapentin cessation helps with the weight loss.

Bloodgem09 24 Sep 2015

I will. I knew it was the gabapentin because the other meds I have been on over three years no weight gain

tilellic 6 Aug 2015

I started taking this med when I went off Xanax and klonopin. I also was very careful about my weight bcuz I had previously been overweight and it is difficult to lose! I have spinal stenosis also, so this neorontin helps with both pain and anxiety. BUT, it is counterproductive, bcuz I have more pain AND anxiety when I'm heavy! I wish my doctor would have told me.

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Lin_Z_Rae 6 Sep 2015

Benzodiazapines, like Xanax and Clonazepam, cause cravings for sweets that I feel can't be measured in comparison to Neurontin (gabapentin) or other anxioletic meds. I personally had an enormous weight increase when I was put on Remeron (Mirtazapine), gabapentin, AND Visaryl (hydroxyzine). My appetite went sky high. the Remeron caused peripheral Edema, sending me to the ER for a shot of Lasix. I am not exaggeating when I say I peed off 9 lbs in 24 hours. But I still have all this extra weight. My gp has ordered ultrasounds. Echocardiogram, blood work. This combo of meds is the only thing that helped my depression, Anxiety and insomnia, so they don't want me off the meds. It's unbareable being so heavy, but it was impossible living without the meds.

jayjacobson 25 Jun 2016

I have been taking neurontin for a couple of years now. I was already heavy, but now I am 300 plus. I need to stop taking this, but anxiety and chronic pain do suck. I asked my doc if I can taper down, and that is fine. I will report when I get back to my usual 250!

SuzeD 19 Oct 2016

I tried to have this conversation with my GP - I was categorically told that you can't take a tablet and put on weight (she obviously hasn't been online or done any research for herself!!) It's very frustrating being patronised and told you're doing it all wrong when you're trying really hard. What our docs tell us ain't always right sadly.


Since I've come off Gabapentin (Yes!!! ) I've lost 3kg in just over a week - she'll probably tell me I changed my diet again, which I didn't - some arguments you can't win!! I've disc bulges and nerve entrapment in my L5/S1 but have been doing loads of physio which seems to have helped enough to come of the Neurontin, I'd rather have manageable pain and no pills but when I first started them the pain wasn't manageable and was very glad to take them, not so glad when I realised that I was running to stand still with the diet, working really hard and not losing any weight at all, even putting on a couple of kg's in a week! Good luck with your weight loss and ask your Doc if there's another one you can take - one of them has to work without messing up all your other systems! Take care xxx

Stacymacquivey 22 Oct 2015

I would like to know if Neurotin makes ya gain weight?

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JetCityWoman92 23 Jun 2016

I've been taking Gapapentin for a year now. I take 300mg capsules,600 mg a dose,every 12 hours if needed. Ever since my doctor put me on Gabapentin for a few reasons (Helps my Bipolar disorder..or as some would call it,Manic Depression,as well as the pinched nerve in my arm.) I noticed almost right away the medicine caused me to gain 25 pounds..and though I haven't gained anymore weight,I just wanted others to know yes,Gabapentin either makes you lose or gain weight. For some people like me,they retain water weight,around their gut. I crave alot of carbohydrates and salty foods,it's weird because before I was on Gabapentin,I never really would crave those kinds of foods. Hopefully this answer helps ya out!:)

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Jenniej717 23 Jun 2016

Hi I barely eat anything! Maybe some fruit, yogurt, cereals, cream of wheat, not much at all. I am 5'4" and 175lbs. Mostly all in my abdomen. I just don't understand how I can be this size when I don't really eat. Either this neuorotin or topamax...

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shellyr79 5 Jul 2016

I have been on Topamax for years with no problem. I started Gabapentin at only 300 mg for a little over a month ago, and the water retention is ridiculous! I feel bloated ALL THE TIME!!!

suzannecandle 6 Sep 2016

I gained 30 pounds in one month on Gabapentin and after refusing to take it any more, in 2 weeks lost that weight but was left with stretch marks... even after 2 babies, I never had stretch marks... it did nothing for me but ruin my body even more

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Mayalita07 18 Oct 2016

I have been on Gabapentin for a month now. Taking only 200 mg daily BUT have gained 7 pounds. I am fit, very slim and I work out regularly. I am pretty sure it's because of the med

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makemyday101 3 Mar 2017

After taking Klonopin for anxiety and nerve pain with no weight gain and trying neurontin for same-after a month no change in weight and it didn't help with my issues. Experienced significant nausea and vomiting from it. I'm 5'6"/ workout regularly and keep steady at 120. Note I didn't lose-ate far less-so, should've lost weight. Glad I didn't. Believe it affects cortisol like steroids do. Intra spinal cord injections do cause weight gain as the oral pills do because of water retention and hormone imbalance. Believe for short term use, if one doesn't have side effects, Neurontin is a good drug,but for use over a month to six weeks, it is rife with side effects all of which cause weight gain. We all know weight gain adds to pain. Medical professionals goal should be to eliminate as much pain as needed so folks can move around and work out. Otherwise we see a circular problem nearly impossible to correct

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