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Does Neurontin cause weight gain?

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Terrylsquier 8 Nov 2019

Yes, it most definitely does. I take three 300 mg gabapentin a day and have been for about three weeks. I have gained 10 pounds and I am extremely bloated most of the time. I am sometimes very unsteady on my feet and experience blurred vision. It does seem to help me with my anxiety, though. I would like to get off this drug but I am not sure there is anything out there for my anxiety since my therapist will not prescribe benzodiazepines.

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millie7275 27 Dec 2018

I used to be prescribed neurontin for restless leg syndrome. So I was not taking it every day. That was prescribed from my pain management doctor. My psychiatrist has me on 600 mg at night and 100 mg during the day for anxiety. At night I need it to settle my brain down which is full of anxiety! Now that I am reading about the weight gain I am wondering, has neurontin caused carb cravings for anybody? I can tell that since my dose to a daily med my appetite increased, I make poor food choices and I don’t even want to get on the scale.
Has this happened to anybody as opposed to only water weight gain?
Thank you!

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Meds n medical 10 Oct 2018

Yes. This is the 1st time in my life my stomach is getting little fatty bumps, too. I don't eat, but once a day usually. I've been walking but still gaining! I don't want to go on a higher dose, so I don't know what I will do :(
I wish I didn't need meds, but I do.

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SandyJolliff 28 Dec 2017

I just started taking gabapentin 900mg and it has not helped with my sciatica leg pain at all. I lost 25 lbs. to help my back. I don’t want to gain it back with this med. it sounds like most people have weight gain with it. I am going to watch it and if it does not work I will discontinue it gradually. Ice packs are my new fashion accessory!!

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Grin_berit 27 Dec 2017

I was put on gabapentin about a month and a half ago, also have been taking lamictal and propranolol for about 3 months. The medicine was prescribed after my doc noticed my blood pressure was lower than usual and thought it was because of the propranolol. I almost started crying because that has been the only medicine that has EVER helped me with my panic attacks and kept my anxiety at bay. She put me on gabapentin in replace... and told me to only take propranolol in an emergency situation (it was helping with my performance at work). I am 5’8” and weighed 156lbs when I went to this psychiatrist the first time (3 months ago). After being put on gabapentin, and two weeks in, the reading on their scale was 165lbs. Now a month later I weighed in at 168lbs. My eating habits have not changed and I feel a lot of weight gained in my thighs, boobs, butt (that’s alright, right?!

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BlueKC 2 Dec 2017

I have been on neuroton for 9 years, i have expericend weight gain but i tested my theory to make sure it was just that. I stoped taking it for two weeks and at the end of 3 weeks o had dropped alot. Turns out it not only caused gas but water retention i found for me a simple diet change acutely helped... certain foods i was eating seem to make the reaction worse but if im not carefull i found that the neorotion will also cause nlistters wich i would take something for and would add to the problem of weightgain by this medicine hope its helpful

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latina35f 28 Aug 2017

I've gained 48lbs since June 7,2017

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Popo562 4 Sep 2017

I have been on Neurontin 100 mg taken twice a day and have gained 7 lbs in 1 week. I lost 45 lb before I got the shingles and I'll be darned if I'm gaining any weight! I will suffer with the pain postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) and again only eat chicken and vegetables and fruit to drop these seven pounds.

Popo562 4 Sep 2017

Oh and I'm stopping the Neurontin!

Emmy37 28 June 2017

Well I have to say that with any drug in the class of anti seizures, anti depressants, etc... there is always a side effect of weight gain. It is unfortunate bc most of us are depressed bc of weight, and in pain partly bc of weight but you have to 'weigh' your options. I have Fibromyalgia, DDD, Depression, and I ACHE head to toe. I have tried everything under the sun and my MD said Neurontin is my last hope. Do I want to gain weight? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But if it takes my pain level of 10 down to even a 5 I will be happy. My pain has gotten so bad that I am in tears, especially since I work on my feet 8 hours per day. I start this med today, very low dose and will gradually increase my dose. I'm praying that it helps me bc I just can't live with this much pain and I refuse to go on Narcotics! I plan on monitoring my weight! I will keep you all updated periodically. Any other side effects I should worry about?

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Bosboo 16 May 2017

It definitely causes weight gain. I've always been around 110 - 115 pounds and went up to 167. I asked my doctor what was going on and he told me Neurontin makes you put on weight fast. I eat less than I did before because it takes away my appetite so it's the medication itself that causes the weight gain. I really wish I had been told it causes weight gain when my old doctor prescribed it.

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majick3 5 March 2017

I have been on 600mg neurontin every day for about 4 months now. I have gained about 15 pounds which is depressing. I don't want to gain any more. But before the neurontin l was in constant pain due to nerve damage in my back. My activities were severely limited; l couldn't even walk straight. Now l can DO things. Yes l still have pain but it is SO much less. Would l like to be slender and a recluse again? Or bigger and less pain? Ladies l know its tough but geez chronic pain sucks. I hope that l can somehow lose at least some of the weight but its great to be out and about again. Has anyone had any luck losing any??? Please let me know!

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makemyday101 3 March 2017

After taking Klonopin for anxiety and nerve pain with no weight gain and trying neurontin for same-after a month no change in weight and it didn't help with my issues. Experienced significant nausea and vomiting from it. I'm 5'6"/ workout regularly and keep steady at 120. Note I didn't lose-ate far less-so, should've lost weight. Glad I didn't. Believe it affects cortisol like steroids do. Intra spinal cord injections do cause weight gain as the oral pills do because of water retention and hormone imbalance. Believe for short term use, if one doesn't have side effects, Neurontin is a good drug,but for use over a month to six weeks, it is rife with side effects all of which cause weight gain. We all know weight gain adds to pain. Medical professionals goal should be to eliminate as much pain as needed so folks can move around and work out. Otherwise we see a circular problem nearly impossible to correct

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Mayalita07 18 Oct 2016

I have been on Gabapentin for a month now. Taking only 200 mg daily BUT have gained 7 pounds. I am fit, very slim and I work out regularly. I am pretty sure it's because of the med

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suzannecandle 6 Sep 2016

I gained 30 pounds in one month on Gabapentin and after refusing to take it any more, in 2 weeks lost that weight but was left with stretch marks... even after 2 babies, I never had stretch marks... it did nothing for me but ruin my body even more

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Jenniej717 23 June 2016

Hi I barely eat anything! Maybe some fruit, yogurt, cereals, cream of wheat, not much at all. I am 5'4" and 175lbs. Mostly all in my abdomen. I just don't understand how I can be this size when I don't really eat. Either this neuorotin or topamax...

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shellyr79 5 July 2016

I have been on Topamax for years with no problem. I started Gabapentin at only 300 mg for a little over a month ago, and the water retention is ridiculous! I feel bloated ALL THE TIME!!!

JetCityWoman92 23 June 2016

I've been taking Gapapentin for a year now. I take 300mg capsules,600 mg a dose,every 12 hours if needed. Ever since my doctor put me on Gabapentin for a few reasons (Helps my Bipolar disorder..or as some would call it,Manic Depression,as well as the pinched nerve in my arm.) I noticed almost right away the medicine caused me to gain 25 pounds..and though I haven't gained anymore weight,I just wanted others to know yes,Gabapentin either makes you lose or gain weight. For some people like me,they retain water weight,around their gut. I crave alot of carbohydrates and salty foods,it's weird because before I was on Gabapentin,I never really would crave those kinds of foods. Hopefully this answer helps ya out!:)

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