Earlier in the year, I was at the vet with my elderly cat getting some open and cancerous leisons scrubbed clean. I'm not squemish about blood at all, in fact I was helping him clean up some of it and I'd previously given her plenty of injections and subcue fluids. However, when he brought the iodine soap out and the smell of it hit me, I started having a very bad reaction. Tunnel vision, extreme light headed, profuse sweating, nausea, decreased hearing and extremities very cold (despite the sweating). The vet had to stop what he was doing and sit me down and get a fan on me because he noticed just how pale I had suddenly become. He joked a little saying blood will do that sometimes, but I said it wasn't the blood - I was fine with that. It was the smell of the iodine soap.
I've tried finding information on this, but have come up short. Now I'm starting to think I'm just weird. I am hypersensitive to scents - I can very easily get a horrible headache from certain smells. The vet had never heard of someone having this reaction to iodine, and I didn't know I had such a reaction to it until just then. Has this ever happen to anyone else before with iodine specifically or am I just some weird anomaly?