I'm 41; I had two epidurals at 27 for a c-section that resulted in the lack (and very painful) non-use of my left arm for about a year. I also had a nasty fall about 3 years ago that made it worse. I went for xrays and they said my back was fine. However, the fall seem to create a new problem with my right hip/lower back. Over the past 3 years it's getting worse. My "epi-dural" area goes numb, right hip to knee goes numb and tailbone aches bad when I sit for longer than an hour (I sit at my desk for over 8 hours with no possibility of stretching other than maybe my 1/2 hour lunch). Now I noticed my left shoulder shocket is going numb like when I had my epidural. I'm up to about 8 -12 alieve a day (I know I'm not supposed to, but it sort of helps). As a result of the alieve I'm having bad heartburn. As of lately all my bones are aching. Please advise!